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Psycho Cats are non-fungible tokens depicting a unique cartoon cat-style avatar. All Psycho Cats were generated by an algorithm and consist of different features such as hats or fur colors. The algorithm used ensures that no two Psycho Cats are identical. Psycho Cats are stored on different blockchains and are capped at 1,000.

This NFT collection was designed based on my 4 year old daughter.

We are visionary pioneers exploring new possibilities in the digital world and seeking a way to combine conventional art with the magic of blockchain technology. Our latest collection has become one of the most popular collections in the Metaverse thanks to the quality artwork and intention behind it. We believe that together we can make the world a better place, one NFT at a time.

For us, the blockchain is a secure and reliable platform for artists to share their art around the world and beyond. Bring psychocat forward—join our growing community today. You are one of us now.

Space Craters
Abstract Glow
Mars Rover
Colorful Abstract Shapes
Painted Space
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